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What to expect when you come to Scallywag Tag

What is Scallywag doing to ensure the safety of our guests and employees:

                All employees will be wearing masks and increased hand washing.

                All employees will be screened for symptoms at beginning of their work day.

                Overall capacity in the building will be reduced to 1/3 of normal.

                Heavy duty cleaning and sanitizing will be done before opening each day.

                Cleaning of commonly touched surfaces will be done every 2 hours during open times.

                Reduced number of laser tag players per game and reduced number of players at mini golf. (see laser tag and Mini Golf below)

                Enforcing all mandates provided by the Board of Health.

What we expect from our guests:

                Facial coverings are required at all times and will be enforced.

                Social distance at all times.

                Wash hands often and use hand sanitizer.

                Observe all rules and pay attention to signage and instructions from our staff.

                Please be patient with us as we try to do our best to make our guests experience safe and fun.

Laser Tag

                Players must maintain 6 feet social distancing at all times.

                Vests will be sanitized after each use.

                Laser Tag will be limited to 10 or 20 players at a time depending on a number of factors.

                Laser Tag games will sometimes be run every 30 minutes. Normally we will try to run games every 20 minutes.

                We have limited vests to 10 in the vesting room and set up 10 in the briefing room. This way we can potentially have 20 players in                  a game while keeping to groups of 10 during the briefing and vesting process.

                Example: If we have 14 players for a game, 7 will go into the briefing room and 7 into the vesting room where we can brief the players                     and get them vested. Then all 14 would go into the arena.

Mini Golf

                Limit 4 players (per group or family) per hole at a time. For example if you have 6 in your family, 3 players can be on hole number                  2 and three can be starting on hole number 1.

                All balls and clubs will be sanitized before you receive them.

               At the end of the game, typically the ball will be retained at hole 18. Bring you're club back to the sanitizing station located next to                  where you picked up your club. Our staff will sanitize for next user.

3 Hour passes:

              Sale 3 hour passes will be limited. Depending on demand for laser tag and how many are in your group we may not be able to sell                3 hour passes. Also games may be limited to 2 games per hour max so you may not be able to get many games.

              If you purchased a 3 hour pass on Groupon, and we are unable to do 3 hour passes, we can offer 3 games of laser tag and 1 game                of mini golf instead. Also if it expired between March 8th and June 30th, you will have till June 30th to redeem.


                We will be limiting the size of parties to 10. If you want to have more, please call us as there may be a way to have more if                                we follow certain rules.

                If you would like to do a private party (full facility rental) or semi-private party (only your party would be in the laser tag games)                     please give us a call. We will be modifying our hours to provide more times to do private and semi private parties.


Cancelled parties/ Deposits:

                If your party was scheduled between March 8th and June 15th and you had to cancel due to Covid-19, we can either; reschedule                   your party and use the original deposit or we can convert the deposit into a gift certificate. Please call us in advance so we can                       have gift cards prepared ahead of time.

what to expect
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