Private Party

Book a private party.  Sell tickets to your event at a price that works for your group.  Pay for the price of the rental and keep the profit!


- Sell 80 tickets ($15 a ticket)
- Two-hour rental of Laser Tag
  Earn $620 for your group


- Sell 120 tickets ($20 a ticket)

- Three-hour rental of Laser Tag and Mini Golf

  Earn $1,680 for your group!!!



  - Maximum return

  - Maximum # of games





Scallywag Tag fundraising has provided hundreds of organizations with an easy way to raise money. We currently have two great models for fundraisers, both with their own conveniences and advantages!

Fundraising Night

Make any night of the week your groups night at Scallywag Tag. Arrange a special price for friends of your group and we will kick back 20% of all sales!



- 2 games for $13

- 3 games for $15

- You receive 20% of sales!


- Flexibility with dates

- No Risk!


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